All Are Welcome

All Are Welcome

All Are WelcomeAll Are WelcomeAll Are Welcome

35350 East Division Road, St. Helens, Oregon 97051


Holy Communion Every Sunday at 10 AM


Discover ancient patterns of worship reflected through today's minds. Sacramental focus; short thought-provoking homilies. All baptized Christians, of any age, denomination, affectional orientation or marital status, are welcome to receive Communion.


Learning and sharing create community. From the ongoing Tuesday Morning Class, to special Saturday offerings of the Health Ministry, to contemplative mini-retreats, to the Cider Pressing Party in the fall, there are diverse ways to form meaningful connections and use your gifts.   


As individuals, as a congregation, and in collaboration with others, we work to make a difference in the world. From small actions like providing a car charging station to large actions like a Faith Build with Columbia County Habitat for Humanity, we put our values into action.